Broken Steering Box Bolt Fix

by Martin Verburgt

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Tools Required

Large Vice Grips/Channel Locks

Large Flat head screwdriver


Parts Required

New steering box spacer plate, either stock (Mopar Part # 52000090; can be purchased at any Jeep dealership for under $12.00), or aftermarket steering box spacer plate (Available from, or from in the near future).


Chances are at least one steering box bolt is going to break during the installation of a bumper requiring the removal of the stock steering box bolts.  This is due to the Cherokee being assembled with a steel steering box, steel bolts, and an aluminum steering box spacer. Corrosion between the dissimilar metals (steel and aluminum) may cause one or more bolts to break at the aluminum spacer.  The following procedure is simple to complete.

1.  Make sure all three steering box bolts are removed.  Pull steering box away from unibody and lower until side of steering box is visible.


2.  Place large flat head screwdriver between steering box and steering box spacer plate and pry spacer plate away from steering box until spacer plate breaks off.

3.  Using channel locks/large vice grips, turn remains of spacer plate counter clockwise on broken bolt until remains of spacer plate are removed.

4.  Using the torch, heat area of steering box around the broken bolt for approximately 1 minute.

5.  Using channel locks/large vice grips, turn remains of broken steering box bolt counter clockwise until bolt is removed.

6.  Place new steering box spacer plate and steering box into stock position and continue bumper installation.


Click on pictures to check out our new front bumper.

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