Gecko Accessories

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Gecko's will stick to just about any surface, so, although our Gecko Accessories won't stick to any surface, their simplicity makes them a "stick it on your Jeep and go" type product.  You're going to like these.

Rock Lizard Fabrications Vinyl Decals

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Gecko Light Mounts


Stand out in the crowd with these uniquely designed light mounts that you won't find available anywhere else.  Designed to fit 84-01 Jeep Cherokees, our one of a kind Gecko Light Mounts mount to your Cherokee's A-Pillar using 1/4" Stainless Counter Sunk Allen bolts to discourage theft and rust.  The Gecko Light Mounts are easy to install and make a great addition to your Cherokee.  Requires drilling two 7/16" holes in each A-Pillar of Jeep Cherokee.  Mounts come bare steel with all mounting hardware and full detailed installation instructions with color photographs.

Regular Retail Price             $79.00/pair    (plus shipping)

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Protekto-Trim 5/8" Black Band Molding

This is an extremely high quality molding that we use after all of our fender trimming (as seen in our Fender Trimming article).  Trim comes in a 30 foot kit and already has the high grade 3M adhesive already attached.  Just measure, cut, peel and stick, and your fender trimming can have that clean, almost factory look to it.

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$29.00  (plus shipping)


Gecko CB Mounting Bracket

Designed to fit 97-01 Jeep Cherokees without center overhead console.  The Gecko CB Mounting Bracket is made of 3/16" aluminum and cut for a precise fit between sun visors, utilizing the stock mounting positions of the visor clips.  Hardware consists of 1/4"  Counter Sunk Allen bolts to make a smooth surface for a flush fit against the headliner without leaving indentations in the headliner from using standard Hex Head Bolts.  Get that CB Radio up out of the way and easy to operate without taking your eyes off the road or the trail.  

$15.95  (plus shipping)


Gecko Front Extended Bumpstops

Our extended front bumpstops are a must have for any properly tuned front suspension setup.  Made of black Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly-Ethylene (UHMW-PE), our Gecko Front Extended Bumpstops will last a very long time and can take any serious beating.  Our front extended bumpstops add 2" to your existing setup and come with 3/8"-16 self tapping hardware and detailed installation instructions with color photos..   

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2" Extended Front Bumpstops with Hardware    $24.00    (plus shipping)

Gecko 3/4" Shackles

Shackles are rated at 4.75 tons (9500 lbs) and have a 3/4" screw in pin.  They would make a great addition to one of our exclusive bumpers.

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$22.50/pair    (plus shipping)