Monitor Lizard Front Bumpers

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The Monitor Lizard is known for it's ability to take down large prey, such as deer, with minimal effort.  With our Heavy Duty Front Bumpers, wouldn't you feel more confident knowing who will win should you meet a deer on the road?

Monitor Lizard XJ Front Bumper  (Part # MLNW-XJ)

Designed to fit 84-01 Jeep Cherokees.  Bumpers come raw steel standard with 3/4" thick shackle mounting tabs, front hitch, pre drilled holes for lights, and outer steering box brace incorporated into bumper mounts.  Brush guard can be added for additional charge.  This bumpers weighs in at only 65lbs and is sandblasted before shipment to give a great surface for painting or coating when it arrives on your doorstep.

Standard Features

Regular Retail Price

$435.00    (Plus shipping)

Additional Features

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Pre 97 Model Cherokees require some fender trimming

During installation, original steering box bolts may break off.  We recommend reading over our tech article to be prepared before attempting to install our bumper to save time and trouble:  Broken Steering Box Bolt Repair

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