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To place an order, please READ through the following information before sending an email. This will help save time in the communication process as well as give us more time to actually build product to reduce lead times, instead of emailing back and forth with dreamers and flakes.

1. All products that are currently in production have updated prices with shipping included in the price.

2. We will ONLY ship to continental US at this time.

3. Custom modifications will not be made to any products at this time.

4. If the product shows as DISCONTINUED, they are all gone and will not longer be made and no remaining stock lying around...no need to ask.

5. When you are ready to order, and only when you are ready to order (ie. already asked spouse's/parent's permission, budget is prepared, ready for product in build phase, etc.) then an email with the product you wish to order, your full name, your complete shipping address, and phone number, and an invoice will be emailed to you that you can pay with debit or credit card.

6. Once the invoice has been sent, it will expire in 14 days. After the invoice has expired, the order will be cancelled and will not be renewed.

7. All products are custom built to order. Unless notified of any changes or delays, lead times are 3-4 weeks from time of paid order to time ready to ship.

When you are ready to order, please email us at:  info@rocklizardfabrications.com

Please allow a few days for us to respond to your email.