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Broken Shock Mounts

Did you break the upper mounting bolts for your rear shocks on your Cherokee and don't know what to do next? 

Here's how we fixed them.


Mounting a PowerTank in a Jeep Cherokee

So, you got your PowerTank, and don't know the best place to mount or install it.

Here's a great place!


Trimming the fenders on your Jeep Cherokee for larger tires

Need more room for your tires but want to keep that clean, almost factory look?   

This is how we trim our fenders.


Home Brew Budget Boost for Jeep Cherokee

Want to add a 2" lift to your stock Cherokee, but want a ride quality that compares to the more expensive kits on the market, such as Old Man Emu, for a fraction of the cost?  We were challenged with this project.

Here's what we came up with.


Adjusting Your Bumpstops

Tired of your tires rubbing your fenders?  Want to prevent premature spring wear and sag?  Did you even know you had bumpstops?  Learn how to add bumpstops to your suspension setup the easy way.

Bump here to find out how.


Removing Your Swaybar Links

Trying to remove your stock swaybar links so you can install your new swaybar disconnects, but can't get that pesky Torx Bolt out?

Here is the easiest way we have found to do it.


Broken Steering Box Bolt Fix

If you managed to break one or more of the steering box bolts while trying to install an outer steering box brace plate, or a new bumper with an outer steering box brace mounting system, then this should help you out.